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Mujammil Khan-Muztar (United Kingdom)

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Designer's portrait

40, Design Professional
Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  London (United Kingdom)  
  Automotive Designer  
  -September 2005 – December 2006
Coventry University, Coventry, England
M.A. Automotive Design

-1996 - 2000
South Bank University, London, England
BSc (Hons) Engineering Product Design

-May – August 2007: Sebastian
Freelance Web Designer
·Creating a completely new website for a bespoke soft furnishings retailer
·Developing a strong brand identity to adhere to company ethos and appeal to target market

-March – May 2007: The Rebel ‘Youth car’ concept:
· Devised unique panel concept and participated in ideation meetings with colleagues to provide design input
· Final design distributed through automotive press and greeted with high praise. Interior Motives Awards Winner

-March – September 2005: Financial Technical Analyst
·Participated in ‘technical analysis’ – trading stocks and futures markets based on statistical data
·Developed an understanding of risk assessment and money management – ideal knowledge for project management

-March 2001 – December 2004: VSM Software Ltd: Software developers: Essex, England
Technical Designer
· Building and maintaining corporate websites for branches of the parent company, the VSM Group. Involved keeping the design and layout to a strict brand identity within certain aesthetic and ergonomic parameters
· Developing interactive multimedia presentations to distribute to customers
· Graphic design of software user interfaces and promotional material

-July 2000 – February 2001: Freelance Web Designer
Successfully completed a number of web design contracts.

-October 2000 – January 2001: Product Designer: Design consultancy: London, England
Freelance Designer
· Product concept generation keeping to branding and product design specifications
· Developing merchandising concepts for clients such as British American Tobacco (sketching and 3D modelling)
· 3D Studio Max concept visualisation – illustrating design proposals for management and clients

-2007 Interior Motives Awards Winner
· Winner! Best Personalisation
· Winner! Best Lifestyle Interior
· Finalist! Best Use of Ambient Lighting
· Three categories nomination for the ’Rebel’ project. A revolutionary system for customisable interiors without high production overheads. Allows OEMs and partner companies to tap into new revenue streams

--Skills implemented in project work

-Communications: ‘The Puzzle’ university project

2D Sketching and Rendering (on paper and computer)
· Composed expressive ballpoint pen and marker sketches exploring design solutions
· Produced dynamic renders using a graphics tablet with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter
3D Modelling
· Quickly and accurately resolved surfaces from sketched ideas using Alias 3D modelling software
· Rendered final quality images with Alias ImageStudio
Presentation Boards
· In order to ‘sell’ design proposal, composed high-impact display boards with Adobe Illustrator
Verbal Abilities
· Conducted a number of verbal presentations with the visual aid of Microsoft PowerPoint. Part of the sales process to groups of lecturers and designers to justify the concept’s form and functions

-Design Development: ‘Jao!’ private project

Creative Problem Solving
· Learnt about the chaotic nature of busy Indian streets and so designed recyclable rubber panels to absorb scrapes and minor impacts
3D Form Development
· Considered proportions, lines, surfacing and reflections for automotive styling. Through a process of refinement, created a distinctive shape with an elegant poised stance

-Knowledge: ‘The Rebel’ private design team project

Research and Awareness
· Conducted research on market segmentation and global demographic trends. Technology search uncovered Siemens electric wheel system to solve problem of wheels encroaching into cabin space
Receptive to Inspiration
· In tune to ‘seeing’ new design languages and solutions. Configurable Rebel interior system is based on the concept of a room where the occupant can redecorate and rearrange furniture as and when desired

-Work Practices: ‘Mazda Gen’ university design team project

Team Work
· Worked in a team of four designers collectively developing and critiquing design ideas
· Responsible for communicating form development to clay modellers ensuring accurate reproduction of ‘Flowing’ and ‘Taut’ design language
· Provided team leadership with project management. Delegated tasks such as Alias modelling, packaging development etc to team members based on their strengths

-Other Skills

Clay Modelling
· Produced 1/4 scale vehicle models of final design proposals
Ergonomics and Packaging
· Designed around 2.5 and 97.5 percentile people as well as vehicle hard points
Ability to Learn
· Eager to learn and implement new skills. Currently developing an awareness of risk to reward assessment – a useful skill in managing design projects
· Fluent English; basic French, German, Urdu; have begun learning Japanese
Computer Software
· Adobe Photoshop
· Autodesk AliasStudio
· Corel Painter
· Adobe Illustrator
· Microsoft Office
Updated on
September 23rd, 2007 at 04:54 pm [GMT]
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Short link to the CV/résumé of Mujammil Khan-Muztar:
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Are you the best car designer? Show your talent! Enter the contest: "Designerspace Awards 2006": A world automotive design contest organized by Designerspace!
Are you the best car designer? Show your talent! Enter the contest: "Designerspace Awards 2006": A world automotive design contest organized by Designerspace!
Are you the best car designer?
Show your talent! Enter the contest: "Designerspace Awards 2006".
A world automotive design contest organized by Designerspace.
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