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Mike Turner Design Limited (United Kingdom)

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Designer's portrait

46, Design Professional
Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  Derby (United Kingdom)  
  Owner, Mike Turner Design Limited. (  
  BA (Hons) (First Class) Transportation Design, Coventry University (1996)


Life, love and business are teaching me the rest . . .
  July 2008 - present: Owner, Mike Turner Design Limited. ( sucessful projects completed for a raft of established clients and up and coming businesses.

Jan 2008 - July 2008: Freelance Industrial Designer, working with VW Potsdam GmbH

April 2006 - December 2007: Senior Designer - JCB Excavators Ltd.
Working with the Industrial Design Team at JCB as their Senior Designer, I shared responsibility for the design development of all JCB products on a daily basis. In addition I provided administrative support to the Department head and coordinated strategic departmental planning.

January 2005 - April 2006: Lead Alias Designer - JCB Excavators Ltd.
As Lead Alias Designer overseeing a small highly productive team, this role allowed me to address all aspects of design across the full range of vehicles and products which JCB manufactures. My principal responsibility was to ensure design intent was maintained from initial sketch through to production, whilst developing free-form CAD competence and strategy within the company.
Notable achievements: Above and beyond the day to day project work, I’m most proud of being able to successfully grow and nurture the Alias design capacity of the department four-fold.

July 2002 - December 2004: Alias Designer - JCB Excavators Ltd.
Originally working as the sole Alias operator within the company, this role allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of the JCB design process.
During this time I worked closely with a variety of engineering and marketing teams from each business unit to develop a coherent range of production vehicles.
Notable achievements:
My successful introduction of Alias working methods to the company has seen timescales for A-surface completion shrink by 60% on average.

2001 - 2002: Consultant Alias Designer - The Renfrew Group
As part of the Creative team, I predominantly worked as a CAD designer for a wide variety of clients, both openly and confidentially. This role involved developing preliminary design sketches into fully resolved 3D CAD data suitable for visualisation and manufacturing purposes – in addition to reverse engineering CAD data from physical models. To compliment this work, I regularly contributed sketches, illustrations, presentation material and innovative ideas to the group’s output.
Notable achievements:
“A” surface generation for Triumph, Flymo, AGA-Rayburn, Bridgeport, Morphy-Richards, BPC and Soda-Club amongst others.
Brainstorming and concept generation sketchwork for Mattel, Hasbro, PCL, Stewarts Plastics and Flymo.
Photo-realistic renderings for product visualisation and sign-off purposes: Triumph, Soda-Stream, Morphy-Richards and Archbold.
Ran an ongoing ALIAS tutorial programme within the group to advance the knowledge and expertise of the department, as well as my own.

1997 - 2000: Rail vehicle designer - Adtranz (UK and Germany)
Working as part of the Industrial design team within Adtranz UK and Germany, I principally contributed design work to a number of live projects. In
addition, I regularly produced illustrations and sketches - which were used as part of the tendering process to secure key contracts from a number of international rail clients.
Notable achievements:
Worked in Germany for 6 months as part of international design team for ITINO platform, additionally writing, illustrating and coordinating the design book for this project.
Led the exterior design of Metronet and Shenzhen tenders.
Lead designer & ALIAS modeler for MOVIA platform exterior.
Two “Electrostar” contract builds overseen from tender stage to through to full production, involved in solving numerous real-world design problems in the process.
My work was nominated for “See it right award” by RNIB for design of Braille interior labels for UK rolling stock.
Development and implementation of colour and sample material management process within company.
Development and documentation of “Core Values” design philosophy for MOVIA platform.
  Creative skills:
ALIAS StudioTools specialist with 14 years practical experience of supporting projects from initial concept definition phase all the way through to generating production CAD data (interiors and exteriors).

Capable all-rounder with strong sketching and rendering skills.
Computer generated presentation material (Photoshop & Illustrator).

Design & Design Management skills:
Heavyweight Industrial Designer with extensive experience of overseeing projects from initial concept through to manufacture.
Strong verbal and written communication skills suited to formal presentation of design ideas.
Design Office management – coordination and direction of day-to-day departmental CAD activity, job planning, resource forecasting etc.
Creation and implementation of formal departmental documentation (Industrial Design processes, standards, procedures, best practice guidelines etc)

Learning and Development:
I’m personally committed to supporting up and coming talent in our industry – trying to give others the same help and guidance which I’ve been lucky enough to get.
Have served as a student liaison within industry since graduation. This role provides support and assistance to students undertaking Industrial Design projects at school or university. In recent years, this has allowed me to act as mentor and tutor to students passing through the department on placement, in addition to lecturing schools, colleges and businesses on the subject of Industrial Design. This is both highly enjoyable and rewarding work.
In addition, I’ve informally taught Alias StudioTools to more than 15 designers over the past 8 years – helping them take their first steps, then building their confidence and ability level until they’re comfortable with churning out production data on a daily basis. My favourite moment is always the first time they see their 3D CAD work as a real, fully resolved production vehicle….

Conversational French, Beginners German (enough to survive, get from Hannover to Gatersleben and back and order a round of beers - surely that's enough in any language??!!).

Hobbies & Interests:
I’m lucky enough to get paid to do what I love most, so I regard my work as a full-time hobby. Put it this way, even if I won the lottery, I’d still want to be doing this.

The arrival of our daughter Freya in June 2004 has introduced me to hobbies I previously never knew existed; such as full-time worrier, nappy changer deluxe, infant caterer, general maintenance and toddler transportation logistics. . . . . All great fun, but somewhat time-consuming.

Music is a very important element in my life. I gain a great deal of pleasure from expanding my eclectic CD collection, but I get the most satisfaction from playing bass guitar & keyboard - time permitting.

Please refer all business enquiries to

- thanks.
Updated on
October 15th, 2009 at 11:05 pm [GMT]
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Short link to the CV/résumé of Mike Turner Design Limited:
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Designerspace : My car design portfolio online in a few seconds !
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Designerspace: world design Gallery & Contests
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Are you the best car designer? Show your talent! Enter the contest: "Designerspace Awards 2006": A world automotive design contest organized by Designerspace!
Are you the best car designer? Show your talent! Enter the contest: "Designerspace Awards 2006": A world automotive design contest organized by Designerspace!
Are you the best car designer?
Show your talent! Enter the contest: "Designerspace Awards 2006".
A world automotive design contest organized by Designerspace.
Deadline: October 24th, 2006. Results: December 1st, 2006.
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