Designerspace Newsletter #3 October 1st, 2006

Welcome to the Designerspace Newsletter #3, a special issue dedicated to the "Designerspace Awards 2006" and more...

Designerspace Awards 2006:
Designerspace Awards 2006 is the second world automotive design contest organized by Designerspace.
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Designerspace Awards 2006:
Thank you to all the contest entrants!

Designerspace thanks all the entrants of the world automotive design contest: "Designerspace Awards 2006". Designerspace is the unique place in the world where one can watch the contest entrants' work!... All the contest entrants' work!
Contest entrants portfolios
Panorama of the contest pictures

Designerspace Awards 2006:
New deadline: October 24th, 2006!

Designerspace has decided to give 24 days more to all the Designerspace Awards 2006 entrants. The new deadline is on October 24th, 2006. More time for more international communication about the entrants design, and more time to:
- finish your design,
- check that your pictures really enters the contest,
- enter your C.V. / résumé,
- check your name (first and last names are inverted),
- complete the communication about your work and your ideas,
- ...
The results will be announced on December 1st, 2006. The unique place to see the News about the contest is the contest page:

Designerspace: Graphic design category
In the name Designerspace, there are two words: designer and space, because Designerspace is a space made for the designers, the persons. Other websites are made for the design, the products and are not really interested in the persons. At Designerspace, we think that a designer wants to show his creativity in different fields on the same portfolio. The designerspace members have that great opportunity to show their talent in several design areas on a unique portfolio.
Designerspace graphic design

My Designerspace portfolio is free, interactive and unlimited !
Designerspace is a really interactive and unlimited car design gallery. Manage your car design portfolio yourself: Add, modify or delete your car design pictures in a few seconds. And show all your best car design sketches and concept cars without quantity limitation...
My Designerspace portfolio

Watch easily all the Designerspace Awards 2006 pictures!
From the origin, Designerspace was created to integrate the contests in all the pages and services. So that you can see easily, on one page, all the pictures of the contest: choose "Designerspace Awards 2006" on the selector, on the page panorama. Easy...!
Panorama of the contest's pictures

Select quickly all the Designerspace Awards 2006 entrants portfolios!
The Designerspace Awards 2006 are perfectly integrated in the portfolios. So that you can select quikly, on one page "Select", all the entrants portfolio: choose "Designerspace Awards 2006" on the selector "Contest. Then, browse the portfolios: only the contest's pictures will appear on the portfolio...!
Select the contest entrants' portfolios

My own contest on Designerspace!
From the origin, Designerspace was created to integrate contests in all the pages and services. Start your own world design contest on Designerspace! Just contact us.
Start your own world design contest on Designerspace: contact us

and also:
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Best Regards,

Jean-Francois Bontemps
Designerspace President

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